Discourse trouble

Hey guys,

Just after some information on a problem I’m having.

So I have bubble app and have connected it with discourse via bubbles inbuilt discourse api what I’m trying to do is when I delete a user on the bubble side I also want to delete them on the discourse side.

I need to achieve this as the app I’m building is for my company and if a user leaves the company we need to stop them being able to login from not only the app but also the discourse forum.

Hey @burnsadam123,

I got a perfect solution for you! @nocodeventure just released this Discourse API plugin that gives you the ability to delete a user within your Discourse Forum. Check it out:

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the shoutout, me and Adam are actually already working together. He’s using the plugin. One of the issues that Adam is having is that Discourse says, unrecognized URL.

Adam I will be looking into this later midday, I just noticed that your discourse forum is redirecting back to Bubble because of the SSO. If you’re available somewhere this midday or evening, we’ll have a video session or audio call to see what the issues are.


@burnsadam123 I just resolved the issue for you, I was able to replicate the issue. The cause was that the flag wasn’t set. Reading the requirements the flag is actually required. I will update the documentation now for the Plugin

We got a bit mislead by the Discourse error message saying the URL couldn’t be found :expressionless:

Just an update for @burnsadam123, I’ve added two new action and data calls to fetch a list of users without the flag.