Discussion: Have a separate account for workflow and data?

Newbie here,

Would it ever make sense to have one bubble account for the workflow, and another account to store your data?


No. What would be the rationale?

overall functionality/response of the app. I’ve heard that through the grape vines, and wanted to get everyones thoughts.

I’m genuinely curious here. When you say 2 accounts you mean having 2 apps? One for client-side and another for backend?

If yes, then it won’t make a difference in performance since Bubble doesn’t throttle performance in the new WU plans. You’ll be better served just paying for an additional WU tier for one app.

If you do need a backend do deal with heavy data processing, there are better and cheaper solutions than Bubble for that. As an example I use Cloudflare for their workers and image processing solutions.

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Ah, amazing! Thank you for sharing. Yes you nailed it. I meant having two apps (both on bubble).

Your solution makes sense, thank you.

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