Worried about upgrading plan, WF overages

Currently on the cheapest legacy plan and am interested in upgrading mainly for more storage (and I know I will have to eventually), but I’m a little terrified, sorry if my questions have already been answered.
Recently my app hasnt been using many workflows at all, only 18,000 last month and 16,000 this month, with some months being 200k+ when usage is high.

A few months ago I made a workflow mistake that ended up creating 1 million workflows for that month, which would have of course charged me more money I can’t afford to spend on the new pricing plans.
I’ve been reading if you make mistakes with your workflows bubble.io may refund you or whatever but only once. I have also seen you can disable overages? The issue is I have many users on my app, so if I disable overages and my app goes offline from a simple workflow mistake im kind of f*cked…

Am I understanding the situation correctly? Is it perhaps time for me to look for another service, thanks.

It does seem that you are understanding the situation correctly, @xtechaus. There have been at least a few instances of folks saying Bubble will only credit one WU-related mistake. So, if you are super concerned about making mistakes and you don’t want to disable overages, then I guess you would have to consider other services.

Personally (and with all due respect), though, I think being so worried about making mistakes would be the wrong reason to walk away from the platform where you built an app that has many users on it. Heck, you could even make a forum post or work with a coach or something to get a second set of eyes on things when you are considering risky changes that could result in a mistake. But again, I think it would be a shame to leave the platform and potentially disrupt the momentum you seem to have going with your app (which is impressive because it’s certainly not easy to pull off, of course).


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I will think about it some more but your reply has helped.

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