Will bubble be able to handle my webapp? (High API Workflows)

Hello, I posted a freelance post 3 weeks ago, have yet to found someone so I started working on the site myself. I bought a personal plan and will upgrade to professional once/if it goes live.

The further I’m diving deeper into Bubble I get a sense that “maybe” it wont be able to handle my workloads. I run a Windows & Web Automation Development team and we have servers hosting our programs for our clients. These programs can be anything from social networking, email marketing, data scrapping, to counting the number of cat pictures on google for a keyword (yes this was a job) etc. I was looking into Bubble to handle all the API & Program/data monitoring features we’ve been implementing.

Here’s the general workflow’s on a hourly basis. (This is per program)

  • 30 Second intervals of programs data updates.
  • Request per account, post, email, etc created/modified
  • If program is a signup or login it will do the following API calls
    ** Get Proxy (Checks and balances out the proxy load)
    ** Get Number (Check if SMS Number has been used via a Regex on the messages)
    ** Once the proxy/number has been used it will be updated in the database. If Proxy/Number is failed the program will re-try.

Hourly API Calls per program (roughly 600-2,000)

Than we have an incoming API from our revenue sites that uploads/modifies the current revenue for each program for the developers for that given month.

Both sets of data will be compressed down to monthly. But will need to keep all the data coming in the way it is until the month’s end.

Before continuing with the Bubble adventure I would like to know if the bubble will pop or not. ;D
I’ve read some topics about what bubble can/can’t do but there’s nothing about/with numbers in this sense. How many API’s can a unit handle in a given hour? Is the personal/hobby a split unit, or what is the current limits to personal? I tried uploading the 300,0000 numbers to the development Database and only got 100,0000 in 32 hours.

Thanks for any answers/insight - regards,

I’d probably reach out to support@bubble.is directly. Your use case sounds interesting, but also quite intense. They may have specific suggestions that could lead you in the right direction, whether that ends up being Bubble or not. Good luck with the project!

Thanks, I will get in touch with them and report back any useful information if anyone else run across this in the future.


Yes, one for Josh and the team I think.

It does sound interesting, and I wonder if you need some sort of “filter thingy” (technical term, bear with me) in between bubble and your sites to do the API handling ?

So package up the updates into more Bubble manageable chunks ?

I thought about that, at least limiting the updates by building them up than dumping the data from the programs per hour. But that would be the same work boiled on down. Dumping all the information at once instead of throughout the hour.


Hmmm yes. But then at least Bubble would have a change to manage its own time. Maybe !

We had something like that on a previous project, a Redis cache that throttled database updates.

Maybe, but throttling would cause problems on the programs side. Data would need to be updated right after it was used so no other program/thread can use that specific data. i.e 2 using the same email/proxy/account. Right now I have them all hooked to their own MongoDB for X program.


For anyone who comes across this, Bubble can handle it. Will just need to upgrade as our services grow like any other! We did a single test for 8 hours on personal and concluded a 2-4% usage. :smile: