Display 1 result of 2

Hello Everyone,

I would like to display 2 repeating groups on the same page :

The first repeating group would display result #1, result #3, etc.
The second repeating group would display result #2, result #4, etc.

Any idea on how to do that?

Thanks in advance for you really appreciated help.

I’ve never done exactly that, but I believe you can use the modulo function to hide the alternate rows you don’t want as follows:

  1. Create 1 RG with the data source you need to include all the records.
  2. Within the RG create a group that takes up the entire cell.
  3. Place your text elements in the group.
  4. Make the group collapsible when hidden.
  5. Add the following condition and make the group not visible when true:
    Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 5.10.44 PM
  6. Copy your RG and just change the condition to ← modulo → 1 is 0.

This should end up hiding all even rows in the first RG and all odd in the second.

Warning that this is less efficient than just retrieving the correct records in the first place, but I’m not aware of a way to do that.

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Thanks @Serpounce!

This worked but there is 2 problems:

  • It’s slow
  • The 2 RG have not the same quantity of results

Suppose the first RG have 30 results and the second 15 results, i would like to be able to spread the results equally. So maybe display 1 result of 2 is not the right way to do.

Basically what i want to say to Bubble is: “spread the results between those 2 RG equally”

I think the idea to use a hidden group inside each RG is a first step.

I found the solution: i used the Pinterest Grid Plugin and it solved the problem.


Ah, if thats all you were trying to achieve then you probably don’t need the plug in and could use a horizontal RG with 2 columns.

True this was i did before: a simple horizontal RG with 2 columns.

But the plugin adds some extra features, including the dynamic height for every cell of the RG. So then the grid become much more readable, especially on desktop.