Repeating Group - 2 records per section (page)

I need to be able to create a report that shows 2 records per page or group in a repeating group.

I can’t use 2 columns as they need to be underneath each other, so the only way I can think is to somehow have a field called group and set a number for each 2 records and then use that in a repeating group and sub repeating group.

It doesn’t sound very efficient though and probably use quite a bit of workflow units to execute.

So, anyone got any better ideas?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do, but why can’t you just show 2 items in a RG?

Is there some difficultly you’re having?

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I’m trying to generate a PDF from an HTML page, where each page has 2 records. Typical its easy to show all records or 1 record on each page but trying to work out the best approach to show 2 records @adamhholmes

Hope this makes more sense.

Just set the RG datasource to show whichever 2 items you need it to show.

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