Display a thing if its ID is included in the field (list) of another thing


I am a beginner with Bubble and I am having a hard time selecting things from the Database.
Here is my situation :

  • I have a Type named “Clip”, so each of my clips have a unique ID.
  • I have a Type named “Album”, it has a field containing a list of clips ID.

My problem is the following :

  • I have a repeating Group with the type of content “Album”
  • Inside the cells of this repeating Group I have second repeating Group (1x1) with the type of content “Clip”.
  • Inside this second repeating Group I want to display one of the clips whose ID is included in the Current cell Album 's clip ID list.

Inside this second repeating group I try to do “Do search for Clip” and to add a constraint saying “Clip ID is included in Current cell’s Album clip ID list” but I can’t see how to do this.

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me with this.

Thanks a lot


Hi, inside the second RG, do you want to show only one particular clip or a list of those in album’s special ‘ID’ field? From your description I’m not sure :slight_smile:

Bubble will make it MUCH easier for you to do this, without needing to worry about the unique ids.

If you set up your Album field as a LIST of CLIPS (tick the box when you create it) then you can just point the repeating group and the Album’s List of Clips.

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Yes, in the second repeating group’s Data source just enter Current Cell’s Album’s Clips.

Each repeating group’s cell incorporates a reference to a thing that it displays (Current Cell’s something), and since your first (outer) repeating group’s cells display Albums, you can quickly get the reference to a particular Album (and then its Clips) from there, not through Search.

Data sources for “usual” elements are individual things, for repeating groups you use lists of things - that was not really clear from your post.

Thank you very much for your help, I managed to do what I want using “Current cell’s Album’s Clips” in the inner RG.
My mistake was to try to do something with “Do search for”…

Thank you for your help.

Thanks! Really useful forum :hugs: