Turn list of ids into list of pictures

I’m new to this, I’m more a graphic designer / website so I could easily set up all my app UI.
But when it comes to the real deal “making the app” it’s more complicated to get the logic ^^

So here is my problem :
I got 1 data type with a list of id (numbers) in one field exemple : 1,4,7,9,12
I got another Data type with pictures, each pictures have an id field (number)

I want to display a picture list in a repeating group (i guess) based on the id list.
So I would get picture 1, then picture 4, then picture 7, then picture 9 then 12 (in my exemple)

Tried 6 hours, can’t figure this out :grin:

Please help me ^^

In repeating group do a search for Pictures and use a constraint that the ID field is in the List of IDs