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Refresh Repeating Group of things with new filter & how to working with List Field

Hi all,

I am new with Bubble Editor. I am trying now with a Repeating Groups of things. When user Click to one element of a cell, I need to hide next cells until the end of this RG and remain only cells from the first cell until this cell with clicked element.

In this Repeating Group I use a List Field to store Things (cells of RG). I tried available options but I can’t Set list, Add or Add list for this List Field. I’ve searched in the References and other topics in Forum but I can’t see necessary informations or some adequate examples.

Thank you all very much for your help.

When you click the cell, set the Repeating Group data source to the same thing and add the :until index and set the number to the clicked cells index.

Thank you for your repond. I’ve got it.
How about the List Field? I’ve tried with Set list, but it can’t help.

Thank to NigelG, I’ve leant, how to set list to a List Field. It Ok now:

Thank you once more for your instant respond.

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