Display "add new" in RG


I have a Repeating Group, where each item is dynamic in size(minimum 150 px etc).
At the end of the repeating group i want a box in the same size displaying “add new”. This in itself is not hard at all, i can just add it under the RG, but my issue is i want it the same exact size as each RG item(which are dynamic), how would i do this?

Just format it using the same settings as your RG. Copy the group that is inside the RG cell and paste it below the RG and you should be good to go.

Unless you mean something else? What do you mean the size of the group is dynamic?

The groups inside my RG doesnt have set px size, they have a minimum(as i want them to be dynamic).

Tried what youre saying, it just makes the group fill entire width

Make sure the parent group of the group you copied has the same layout settings as the repeating group.

Can you send screenshots of what you mean by the dynamic sizes?

Where is the size dynamic?

“min 250”, “min 150”. If i copy that outside the RG it fills entire width?

i might be stupid idk

It’s messy, but you can inject a sentinel false data element as a placeholder for “Add New”. For the data source of the RG, manually add one more element to the return everytime. Do A Search For Users append Do A Search for a known dummy-user.:first item. In the RG, set a conditional that if the cell’s uniqueID is equal to the known dummy ID, everything should be in “create new mode”, either as an embedded custom state or as a conditional on an inner-group within the RG.

Messier, because it requires your data to be manipulated in order to produce what should be a very simple front-end state.

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