Resize RG cell height based upon content

I’m placing FAQ text in a repeating group’s cell. Sometimes there’s a short answer and sometimes a long answer. Ideally I want the full output to responsively display. Currently, the only way I can display the full answer is by choosing an overly large fixed height. However, this leaves a lot of extra space in most of the cells and when shrinking the screen size makes the problem worse. Any ideas on how to dynamically change the height based upon the content being displayed? Thanks

Youre on the new responsive right? Just set your text to “Fit height to content” and make sure your repeating group cell alignment is something like Column, then set your repeating group’s minimum cell height to 0 so it fits to the contents inside

Or set the minimum to 20 or something so the cells are big enough to drag elements into. And set the repeating group itself to fit height to content

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Thanks. It works… But, creates a different problem. If I format as a column the height will dynamically fit. If I format as a row the width will dynamically fit. Ideally, I want the row to fill out to a maximum width and then have the height dynamically expand. I would prefer to not require any scroll bars. I’ve tried to make this clear. Not sure that it is.

For the elements inside the cell, go to the layout tab and uncheck “Fit width to content” so it fits to the width of the repeating group. Then you can use row or column.

Perfect! Thank you so much :smiley:

I was hoping I could pose an additional related question. I’m creating a tag manager. I have a field, that upon change, adds the content to the tags. I’ve also built the ability to click on a tag and have it removed. My display of tags consists of 1 repeating group and 1 tag display. My goal is to have all the tags (words or phrases) display in something that looks like this sentence - but with a colored background around the tag. Regardless of whether I format the group as a row or cell , fixed, fit or open formatting, my tags don’t adjust their width by display. Is it me or a Bubble limitation. (I promise not to ask more questions)

Do you mean you want each tag to fit to their own content? It was actually just released like a week ago, change the repeating group scroll direction to “Wrapped horizontally” Then your tag inside the cell make sure the text is fit to content, and the group with the background color is fit to content as well.

And no worries about the questions I like to lurk the forum and learn myself

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Tyler, you’re a genius! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m new to Bubble (although I have a tech background) and while their forest is fairly easy to understand it’s frustrating to trim the individual trees. Thanks again.

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I have a similar issue, discussed here, but with images and I can’t get the RG to expand vertically.

You can see here:

If I have a single image post, it will expand to fit the size of the image. If I have a multiple image post, and hence a Repeating Group, the RG seems to stay at the minimum size, so I have to scroll up and down. It should expand vertically to the size of the biggest image.

Everything is set to “fit height to content”, the alignment is Column with minimum height 0. Fit width to content is unchecked.

Do you have any additional ideas how I can get this to work?

DM the editor link with edit permission and I can play with it for a little bit