Display an element above a floating group

Hi all,

Quick question, I was wondering if it’s possible to display an element (e.g. a standard group) above a floating group?

With floating groups you only have above elements, or behind the page.

What I’m trying to achieve, is a full detailed view of a profile on clicking a persons name, and for that group when it appears on the screen to have the ability to hold a lot of data, and scroll. When using a floating group for this purpose (as that does appear above the header menu floating group) - this doesn’t scroll.

Appreciate any ideas!


Hey Matt, a floating group should scroll if the vertical position is set to both (top+bottom). This is of course dependent on the floating group expanding the entire parent group (or page container) vertical height. Failing that, have you though about exposing #ID’s and setting your new profile group’s z-index with a little bit of CSS (I have not tested this… yet).

Thank you! I didn’t realise two things, the top+bottom (both) - so I’m going to try this today, as well as exposing #ID’s - can you point me towards something that tells me how to expose ID’s - as I can play with CSS.

I appreciate your reply here!


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