Display an hour and its minutes according to the current date time

I contact you because I am facing a problem, I would like to display these dates (“Text” format)
according to the current date time, let’s take for example “17:00”, once this hour (based on Paris time) has passed, I would like it to disappear from the list.

I tried this solution:

(This is what my table looks like)

It works for hours, but I can’t use this method for minutes so even if it’s 17:10, we can select 17:00 since only the hour is superior, so I’m facing to this problem.
And if we do the same method for the minutes in the same “do a search for”, it will only work according to “0, 15, 30, 45” obviously

Do you have a solution for me?
Thank you

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One way is having a field for the time of day expressed in minutes.

So 9am would also have a field with a value of 540, 17:00h would have a field of 1020, etc.

You can see all the values and copy this as an Option Set from this app:

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I have a lot of Apps working with scheduling.
The best practice is to have your hours in minutes as @gf_wolfer suggested.

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And to do your constraint, just Search for hours where the “total minutes” are superior of Current date/time: extract hours * 60 + Current date/time: extract minutes

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It works perfectly, thank you very much, and thank you for sharing the constraint!

Have a good day

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