Display calendar dates instead of searching

Howdies. This is probably something really simple. But I can’t quite understand how to do this. I want a repeating group that displays each day, so I can search for timesheets that my staff has filled out for that day. At the moment, my repeating group is set out to search for the timesheets, however because my staff sometimes do three shifts a day, the results display in a different repeating group for the same day: example:

I want all timesheets to show up under one day, similar to this example:

How do I display a particular day in a repeating group, for example Fri 5/6/22 and then add one day to this date, so I can search for timesheets based on this day. I basically want one column for 5/6/22, one column for 5/7 and so on, instead of displaying the same day in multiple cells. I have tried “current date / time + 1 day” but all of the cells display the exact same day. I want to be able to add a day to each cell, and search accordingly.

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Hello @tarafield2015 .
Look at my app fo HRs

Play around with timesheet on dashboard page as admin and after look at how the workflow is structured

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have my database structured like yours. How do I display a total number of hours for each day, rather than a list of the same day, in case my staff have two shifts on one day?

Just subtract start work time from the end day
Ex: (Shift end time - Shift start time)
Like below

If your users have 2 shifts then the field "Work Time(shift) should be a list. After just sum up the first shift with the second

Thanks so much, I will try that see if it works :slight_smile: