Display hour blocks in allDay-slot for in a repeating group using toolbox

I am trying to build a calendar from scratch without the plugin, by displaying days in a repeating group using Toolbox “expression”.

Now I added a new repeating group inside the cell of the previous repeating group, to display available hour slots of the current day using Toolbox again. However, I am having troubles finding the JavaScript Expression for this.

I have been trying different ones, I am not a coder, so I don’t know how to deal with this.

Please, let me know if you know the right expression for this case. Or, you can suggest for me a new approach to display the hour blocks in the repeating group.

This is a schedule to book only the available hour slots.

Thank you

I’ve created a data with the hours that I want them to show in number, and added it in a repeating group
Data type: Hours of calendars
→ Hours: (type number)

and in each cell I added a group with type date and getting the current date from the cell, let’s call it “Group date”

so I created a repeating group inside the calendar (Do a search “Hours of calendars” sorted by Hours (not descending)

and in the repeating group is:
Group date +(hours): Current cell’s Hours

then it worked

Hello @ri_scc_94,
Can you share your work in the editor please?

Sure, I’ve done in a way I can choose different hours for each day of the week
If in “Dias da semana” contains “1”, it will appear on Monday, if “2”, on Tuesday, etc…
the “+(hours)” is the amount of hours you will add to the current date


4 hours to show 2 current date

PS: that “hours (to show)” is not necessary, I’m not using it anymore