Repeating group list by days

Hi. I want to make a repeating group similar below. How can I achieve this?

What I want to happen is to get the days between two dates and let it appear to repeating group 1day=1cell. It will be like “put start date” “put end date” then “show all events occuring each day”.

I would suggest 4 repeating groups.

Then filter each one by the difference between the two dates. So if difference < 0 then “Over due” etc

I’m planning to have a feature that user will have the option to select the date range. So it will be in different number of repeating groups. User may choose custom date range.

In that case you have a Repeating Group embedded in a Repeating Group ?

Yes. That’s what im planning to do. The first repeating group will be a “date” type. Then the nested repeating group will be “events occuring on that day”. However, can’t figure out how to have repeating group of each days specified on a date range.

You need a list of things have have both the name “Today” “Tomorrow” and a number.

That list could be another things (so on a drop down) or picked from an RG and stored on the user.

Sorry for my explanation, I think I explained it wrong.

This will be how the user goal is.

First. User will choose a “date start” and “date end” for the events
second. Display all events within the date range “grouped by each days”

So, what I want to achieve is something like this.


Perhaps a bit old school, but you can use the Toolbox Plugin “List of Numbers” function to create a list of numbers between the Start Date and the End Date. So 0,1,2,3,4,5 in the example above.

Then convert that to Start Date + Cell Number Days.


wow! thank you! I think it will work. will try it. thanky you!