Looking for a solution: How can I dynamically display data in a popup -- data that comes from an individual cell in a repeating group?

Hi Community! Please help!

How can I dynamically display data in a popup – data that comes from an individual cell in a repeating group?

I know how to pass data from a single cell in a repeating group dynamically by using a parameter and external URL, but I’d like my users not to have to leave the page, and open the data dynamically in a popup instead.


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You’d set the popup to the same type of thing that your repeating group is. Then, when you trigger the pop up to open, you’d use the “send data to group” action in the workflow. I think that’ll work.

Hi PotentialThings,

Thanks for the response.
Ok so I’ve got a popup open…

1.1 - set the popup to same type of thing in “type of content” – check
1.2 - what do I do for “data source” – or do I leave it blank?

2.1 - I can’t find “send data to group” as an option in the workflows – I checked the references page and I can’t find that search string.

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1.2 Leave the data source blank, yep.

2.1 I had the name of the action wrong, my bad. See image:


Perfect. Got it.
Now though, I can’t find an open that allows me to display the current cell’s data in the popup group.
Therein lies the root of the problem!

Any ideas? I tried “doing a search for” postings (that’s what I’m trying to display, a job posting) and that doesn’t lead me somewhere I recognize what to do.


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Hey Kian :slight_smile: The button would need to be inside of the repeating group cell (in order to reference it). So the workflow could be:

“When Button View Post [for example] is clicked”:
1st action: Element Actions --> Display Data --> Element: Popup Posting, Data to display: Current cell’s data
2nd action: Element Actions --> Show Popup Posting


In my workflow I ‘Show Popup’ then ‘Display Data’ and it seems to work fine. Does the sequence matter?


I’ve done that order as well - I don’t think there’s any noticeable difference :slight_smile:


Good then I leave it alone :slight_smile:


This worked perfectly.
Thanks so much, I appreciate the community coming together to help. This is really unique and cool

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Awesome - our pleasure, Kian! And most importantly, Welcome to the Forum! :blush: Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

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many thanks!!!

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Hi there!
Exact same problem and the solution is here.
Can’t finalize it though on the last step, any idea why?

  • My popup has the same type than the repeating group
  • the icon is well inside the repeating group

Here is the event when we click on the icon that opens the popup:

Don’t understand why it does not allow me to end this with “Curent’s cell’s Trip’s itinerary_googlemaps_embed_value” with 's value
Apparently it wants something else.
The itinerary_googlemaps_embed_value is just a string of text, it will be used in my popup on this:

The data you should send is current cell’s Trip. Then, the HTML map code you put there should work fine.

Mmh, interesting.

Don’t have that option though (maybe because the event is not yet passing the data?).
But the real problem is the definition of the event that I can’t complete, what do you think?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my explanation. My bad!

In the “Display Data” image you had before, the data to display should just be “Current Cell’s Trip.”

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So simple, indeed it works, many thanks Andrew :slight_smile:


In general, you just need to supply the high level “Thing” when you pass data, then access the varying fields of the Thing through the context menu of the element inside the group or popup.

Wonderful Andrew !!! I solved my case which was similar :slight_smile:I’m very happy and grateful.
Thousands of thanks !
Have a great day

I love when I help people and don’t have to do anything new :slight_smile:

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