Display Cookie Popup Only Once per User (not registered)


I am stuck with the cookies consent popup. I follow up on multiple questions that were left un-answered here and here.

The objective here is to only display once the cookies consent popup, but as of now I couldn’t find a way to do it. Partly because the trigger workflow action “opt out cookies” is deleting everything including the session number, which could be useful to trigger this popup only once.

Is there anyone that has a clue how to solve this?


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I found the answer by myself:

On page load add these two steps:

  • Step 1: Display Cookies Popup and add the condition: Current User’s haveSeenCookiesPopup is “no”
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  • Step 2: Make Change to Current User - State haveSeenCookiesPopup is “yes”
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@Boost, @maja-overgaard & @jaos.pcl I have read your post without answers and was facing the same issue. I found the answer in case you still need it! :slight_smile:


Hey Cyril,

Thanks for following up!

Your solution is the same as I describe here (your "haveSeenCookiesPopup is equal to my “cookiesDecided”):

  • “If current user cookiesdecided = yes” then do not show cookie-popup. If not “yes”, then show cookie popup. This way I am able to trigger the popup only for first-time visitors to all sites.

What I am struggling with is to NOT show the popup once the user signs up/logs in.

Because “current user” becomes the signed in user meaning the “new” current user will not have seen the popup and thus the popup shows again.

Do you have a signup/login functionality? Then try to test by signing up and seeing whether the popup shows again. If you HAVE found the solution for this, then I’m very curious to know how you did that!

Hi @maja-overgaard, my bad then! I don’t have registered user unfortunately and for now wouldn’t know how to handle it. Won’t hesitate to reach back if I find anything.

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This is old, but just in case, solution is easy: You should only display the cookie popup if “If current user cookiesdecided = yes and current user not logged in".

Nope, not that easy - unfortunately :slight_smile:

See my reply on Sep 20 to Cyril. Adding in the “current user not logged in” does not solve the problem as I want to store the user’s selection on the user.

Issue is when user turns from not-signed in (anonymous) to signed in (identified). This is in bubble-terms considered a new user and any information associated to the anonymous user is not transferred to the identified user.

On page load > Show Cookies Popup (when Current user is using cookies is no)
On the button to “accept cookies”, add a workflow action to “Opt user into cookies”.

However, this doesn’t solve the issue that the cookie popup will show on first arrival to your website, and then again when the user has first created an account.