Cookie Popup shows up again and again for Decliners

I did the following:

  • Added yes/no data elment to user called “has_seen_cookie_popup”
  • When the page loads, I show the cookie popup to people who have not seen it yet (has_seen_cookie_popup = No)

When the user declines, following actions are triggered

Expected behaviour: I thought bubble would save the change of “has_seen_cookie_popup = yes” somehow in the current session. When the user visits a different site within my bubble app, he shall not see the popup again.
Actual behaviour: The user gets shown the popup every site he visits. It only stops once he accepts Cookies.

How to avoid this behaviour and only show the popup once?

Is the popup set to hidden on page load?

Yeah make sure you have it hidden on page load and see if that helps.

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