Have a pop-up only show once

Is there a way to show a pop-up one time only without relying on the logged in/out status of the user?

I want to show the terms and conditions upon the first page load on the device but not every time a user opens the app.

Right now I’m showing it when the user is logged out but that’s kinda irritating.



With a yes no field on the user called ‘terms’? When it’s no you show it. When they click ‘close’ you change the user’s terms to ‘yes’.

That would only work when the user is logged in. I was wondering if there’s a way to only show it once regardless of logged in or out.

Not sure if there is a plugin that can help you out, otherwise you are looking at putting a cookie on a visitor as per these examples:

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Maybe you can set a cookie? This plug-in might help…