"Display Data" for currently displayed thing will not refresh the data

When you use the “Display data” action to display a thing which is already visible, it wouldn’t update the data, which has some messy implications in my situations

What do you mean by “update the data” ?

You can update something by placing it in a group, and resetting the group ?

If the thing you’re displaying is already the current thing on the group, it will not refresh the data.

And in my case i do want to refresh it

What do you mean by “refresh” ? Where is the date coming from ? Do you have an example in a public app ?

you have a group that displays the thing that is selected from a repeating group, if the cell’s thing you clicked on is already displaying in the group, it will not refresh the data if you clicked it again.

But i do want it to refresh the data from the database, because meanwhile the user is changing the data in a form.

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