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Has something change with Display Data

I am building out an app at the moment which has a number of pages associated with different things - it’s CRM so they are Companies, Contacts, Products and Opportunities so far.

In each of the pages, I have a new record button which adds a record and then uses Display Data in a group to move to the record created in the first step. This works on each of the pages I have created so far but the latest (opportunities - cloned from one of the others) doesn’t - creating the Display Data action doesn’t even give the current page (which is actually a re-usable element) as an option.

strangely, looking at the other pages (which still work) the workflow editor doesn’t look as though the page is in their list either - even though the action is still showing properly and works.

Any thoughts?

Did you actually put the re-usable element onto the page?
Have you set the page type (or the receiving group) to Opportunities?

The reusable element is on another page which contains the selection and navigation - which is why I have done the editable elements of the pages as re-usable - and in one case so far I am using it twice.

The ‘new’ button is actually on the reusable element which has Opportunities as it’s Type of content.

Might be worth refreshing the editor from the browser, sometimes it gets “tangled up”

Hi Mishav

Tried that -no joy.

I’m pretty sure there has been a change which is now preventing this - here is a screenshot showing a working Workflow action with Display data pointing to Edit Product (another of the app’s screens produced the day before yesterday) in this shot I have also got a new Display data action open showing that Edit Product is NOT available as an option (the shot shows the whole list).

Just a reminder - the screens are set up so that the main editing part is a reusable element and the New button is on this reusable element. This is what the UI looks like at the moment:

The reusable element top left is from where it shows ‘Opportunity Details’ and the parent page contains the toolbar and left hand repeating group and search.

Pretty sure this is a bug (I can’t imagine why this would be changed on purpose) - @emmanuel can someone look at it?


I agree it’s a bug to not allow display data on the group that is the reusable element.

Steps to get into the same situation as you have:

  1. Create a group, give it a data type.
  2. Create a button inside the group.
  3. Create a workflow from the button click.
  4. Create a workflow action: display data on the parent group.
  5. Select the group and “convert to reusable element”.
  6. The reusable element workflow has the display data action to itself, but cannot create another one.

Workaround 1: The page that includes the reusable group can still “display data” to it.

Workaround 2 (messy): Recreate the reusable group by copy all the elements in the reusable group, paste with workflows into a normal group, repair broken references to the reusable group, ready for further edits.

Hi Mishav

Almost there - except that until yesterday I was able to copy another reusable group, change it’s Type of content to what was needed and also change this button (actually an Icon) to set the data. Or in other words - this worked until yesterday!!


Very strange, Julian! Good luck with the bug report.

Are you sure ont eh pages that work, that you didn’t actually copy and paste with workflows the re-usable elements contents onto the page, so it no longer is a -‘reusable’ but is actually a distinct set of controls?

If you look at re-usable elements like header and footer, you see how they appear on the page.

To pass data back into these, you have to use a custom state of the re-usable element, and then the re-usable element references this custom state.

Hi Dave

It’s definitely a re-usable element - and this works on the other pages. Note also that the Icon that triggers the workflow is actually on the reusable element - but it’s name isn’t there if you try to us Display data. What it looks like is the selection for the crop down of objects you can use Display Data with has been changed to EXCLUDE the current page?

I’m sure there is another way to do this with custom states - however this worked 2 days ago and is a much cleaner approach.

I’ve moved this to bugs because I’m certain it worked 2 days ago and now doesn’t…

Now fixed - thanks!!:grinning:

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