Repeating Group Data not Displaying - is ANYONE having issue?

Yesterday we had the content of our Repeating Groups in a table not displaying, some table it did. Bubble deployed a fix, but now other tables are not displaying.

This is getting frustrating, is anyone else having an issue???

Please Help

You mean when data is altered and the RG is not updating?

I had this also with the same table each time, the
Data was being produced by an api call
I thought it was the api call but now it makes sense

Hi Vincent,

Data is not altered, it just is not displaying at all. This has been working fine for 7 months and then yesterday just not displaying.

We found we have applied ascending or descending order on :filter was it’s not fetching the data from the database tables. BUT this had been running like this for many month, So when we turned that off, it displayed.

We tried to deploy this temporary fix to the Live system and now keep getting time outs.

Also, the table not displaying data the previous day (different table) was a different issue apparently as that table did not have sorting, but Bubble fixed that problem already.

Is there somewhere that maps out all updates that are due to be deployed for the platform from Bubble, so that we can see if it could potentially impact us.

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