Display data from a parent repeating group to sub repeating groups

Hello Bubblers, I have been struggling to implement a workflow that displays data between repeating groups for weeks now and will appreciate if someone can help direct me. I am developing a system where users can display data from a parent RG, say RG “A” to 2 sub RGs say RG “B” and RG “C”. The system works as follows:

  1. RG “A” contains a gallery of data including texts and images which are generated by users.
  2. When a user clicks (selects) a cell in RG A, corresponding data in that cell is displayed in RG B or RG C and the data is deleted from RG A
  3. User should be able to decide on which of the sub groups data from the parent group should display.
  4. There should also be a possibility of moving back data from the sub groups to the parent group i.e. displaying data from RG B and RG C to GG A.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t seem possible if these RG B and RG C are nested inside RG A

Thanks for your quick response Boston85719. Maybe my reference to RG A as a parent repeating group is confusing. RG B and RG C do not have to be nested inside RG A. All of them can be separate RGs. The only difference between them is that users start by creating data in RG A, then move the data to RG B or RG C . they can also move the data back to RG A. Will appreciate any further thoughts on this?

Perhaps you can elaborate further on what you would like to do. Much of what you kindly describe is up to selective interpretation. Example … you say create in A then move to B or C. What does move mean? (it could be a deletion with an immediate creation, it could be a change in yes/no, it could be a removal of an entry inside a field list, it could be a change of state, it could be a change in the entry of a field list to another field list, and I can go on … etc etc).

Please consider that Bubble is a visual programming language. Other tools such as databases may come with components that have built-in functionality. In Bubble you program pretty much everything in detail.

Thanks for breaking it down that way, you’ve indeed made it easier for me to elaborate. What I mean by move to B or C is exactly what you first described i.e. delete in A with immediate creation in B or C.

If the data types are the same for all repeating groups you can set up custom states to represent the list in each…so a custom state that is a list of the type of things you display in the repeating groups, one custom state for each repeating group.

Then setup the workflow actions to set states based on the selections from A, so that when item in RG A is selected, remove that item from the custom state for A and add that item to the custom state for B or C.

Your repeating group datasources will be the custom states.

This way, you are not wasting resources by making changes to the database and instead are just doing client side actions.

If you are then wanting to move things back, do the same as above but in the opposite…select from RG B and remove the item from custom state B and move it to custom state A.

When you want to save the repeating group lists of data to the database you can reference either the repeating group or the custom state list as they would be the same.

Thanks a million, let me try this and see how it works.

I am trying to set it up as directed but is not displaying for me. Could you please compose an expression for the workflow for me, maybe i am not getting it right.

The first 3 screenshots are the custom states I set for each of the GRs. The last screenshot is the workflow I was trying to compose when a cell is selected in RG A.

In the last screen shot it looks like you are trying to set the custom state of repeating group A by clicking a cell in repeating group A…you should be setting the state of repeating group B when you click a cell in repeating group A.

If you are not able to get this sorted you may be interested in 1:1 coaching. I offer this service to help others get their development process jump started. Please PM me for details.

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