Grouping in repeating groups

I have a RG of Procedures, which all have a specific Area, which I would like to appear just once. I think I can do that with nested RGs, but that seems highly inefficient. Is there a better way?

The desired output is something like this:

Area A

  • Procedure 1
  • Procedure 2

    Area C
    -Procedure 6
    -Procedure 7

Hi there, @pedropais… there is nothing wrong with using nested repeating group’s to display the data the way you described. The outer repeating group would be a search for areas, and the inner repeating group would be a search for procedures with a constraint where area equals the current cell’s area. Simple as that.


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I don’t know what that works in the backend, but won’t that produce a much larger number of queries (one for each Area), instead of a single one?

Thanks for your reply.

Bubble optimizes database queries, so I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it unless you see it is causing performance issues. I guess you could also consider storing a list of procedures on each area, but that might not be better, depending on how many procedures each area has.

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