Data from repeating group to group

The pandemic drinker is back. I have a repeating group called “A” and a group called “B”. I have a button in the repeating group called “view”. When the button is clicked I want the hidden group “B” to pop with the complete form filled with the cell data the button was pushed from.

Any help is appreciated,.

Both the Group and the RG should have the same Type of content.

In the group, to display the text of the RG’s cell, create a text field and keep the dynamic data as Parent Group’s XYZ. Similarly for image and other elements.

Create a workflow that is triggered by the button in the RG - Element actions - Display data - Select the Group. Keep the data to send as Current Cell’s Data type

Thank you for helping me. I have what you advised set up. I click the button in the RG, the element pops up showing the first record regardless of which I click in the repeating group. What did I do wrong.