Display data from a popup in a repeating group without creating a thing

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I’m trying to create a meeting page, where you can enter name of meeting, # of attendees etc and then save that meeting in the database. So far, so good.

However, I would like to add a “notes” section to the page, where the user can add different notes about the meeting. For that, a popup is displayed when clicking a plus sign asking the type of note and the note the user wants to input.

But I don’t understand how to display this note from the popup to the “notes” repeating group without creating a thing.

Maybe I’m missing something, but my idea was that I shouldn’t have a NOTE thing in my database and add those notes to the database and then display the data in a repeating group because I can’t link these notes to with the user (and I plan on having multiple users using that page). But again I feel like I might be missing something there.

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Thanks for your help.
The thing is when Notes are added, the meeting has not been created yet as only “save meeting” will create a meeting in the database. So I might be wrong but if I follow your logic the note would be linked to a meeting that hasn’t been created yet, don’t you think?

And thanks for the ressources, will definitely check them out!

There probably is a way to do this but I would think the easiest way is to make this a seperate step. So instead of having a “Save meeting” button you have one that says next. Which brings you to the notes. Then when you click next it saves the meeting and the next steps workflow for meeting would be based off step 1 as the meeting.

@smonbrun - Can you clarify a couple of questions please?

  1. From the notes popup I see there is a note type so I’m assuming that there can be multiple notes created and therein lies your problem … the value of the Notes Input Element is overwritten by the next note so when you come t save you have only the last value.

  2. You want notes to be associated with a User and with Meeting so the notes are only available when that meeting is being viewed and only by the user that created them.

That makes sense. Thanks for the input @stolzj19 :+1:

Hi @patricia,

  1. Yes that’s indeed one of the things I don’t understand how to fix. I need the RG to display all the notes created by the user on that page and for that event.

  2. Exactly.

@smonbrun given that you have multiple notes, each with a type and content, I can’t think of any easy way to save them as temporary variables.

I think you are going to have to save them to a Notes db table and use a unique ID you create (e.g. next number in a sequence). You could save the type, content, User ID, your unique ID and just leave the Meeting ID blank for now. Then when you come to save the meeting you would also have to Make Changes to a list of Things and add the Meeting’s ID to the already saved notes. If the user decided not to save the meeting then you would have to run a workflow on a list of thing to delete the notes that were saved. Is this making any sense?

@patricia yes it does make sense, thank you. I was originally thinking of something close but thought there might be an easier way.

What do you think of that kind of logic:

  • When clicking “+” button > show Dropdown Type and Input Note (that were previously hidden)
  • Then, and I don’t know how, the “+” button would be moved under that line.
  • When clicking “+” button again, same as step one but under the first line, and + button moved under again.

I don’t see how to implement that besides creating mutiple hidden groups on top of each others made like this:

  • first line with type and note
  • second line with plus
  • white background
  • When clicking “+”, hidden group is visible and the first line is on top of the plus, so hides it.

Not sure it’s very clear, let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

Thank you!

It’s not very clear but it’s also complex and that usually leads to problems when you or someone else changes something in future and can’t work out what you were doing. I’ve seen people use an RG where you have the notes box (not the popup) and each cell would have two inputs (type and content) and each cell would also have two buttons (+ and x) to add or delete. I know I saw something like this in a couple of free templates. Let me see if I can find one for you.

Here is a good example from ZeroQode. It is rather more complicated than you need but might be of assistance. I did see a simple one somewhere but can’t find it.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, this is not a great example because they already have the project saved before creating the tasks in an RG. I search for the one I know I saw in the past.

I found the simple example I was after. You need to buy it (for free) then create a new app and when doing that you can pick this as a template. I think this will get you on your way quickly. If you can’t see it when creating a new app then close and reopen your browser.

There’s currently a bug with bubble so can’t use it yet, but I’ve tried the preview and that’s excatly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much @patricia !

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