Send data from current cell in repeating group to other page

I placed an icon to open another page in my repeating group, so when this icon is clicked, that should take the user to the userpage, and this is happening, but the problem is that I don’t know how to send my current cells index to this other page, and when I try to send the current cells index in URL and search for it in database, bubble says there is some problem with my expression, and don t work

What’s the problem with your expression? Bubble should tell you what the issue is in the issue checker. Presumably your search is returning a list of items when your placeholder can only contain a single item’s data - so you’ll need to select ‘first item’ (or any other specific item) from the returned list in order for it to work.

Having said that, why do you want to send the cell’s index to another page (rather than the cell’s data itself or it’s unique ID or Slug)?

The index only makes sense in relation to the repeating group (as it appears on the page, with whatever constraints, filters, and sorting is applied), so sending that to another page will just send the number.

You could access a database item by referring to that number (as long as your search is constrained, filtered, and sorted exactly the same as your RG’s datasource was on the pervious page), but if you allow your users to do any filtering or sorting on the original RG’s datasource you’ll have to send info about the exact order of the currently displayed RG to the next page as well in order to ensure the order of the data you’re retrieving matches what was displayed on the previous page, so you end up with the same entry - which is rather complicated and unnecessary.

It would be much simpler, and more reliable, to send the unique ID or Unique slug of the item from the RG, to ensure you’re accessing the correct data entry.

You can send it in the URL either as a query or path parameter, then retrieve the data from the page URL.

Or, (better still) you can just send the cell’s data directly to the page (using the ‘data to send’ expression when navigating to the page), as long as the page’s content type is set up to receive that type of data…

In any case, adding ‘first item’ to your expression will extract a single item from it (even if it only contains one item in the first place which, if you’re search has worked it will do), so your placeholder should be populated.

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Hi Adam,

Jean-Claude here.

I’ve tried to send the cell’s data directly to another page (using the ‘data to send’ expression when navigating to the page).

Content type was set up to receive the data (new page, group, which would be navigated to)

How to show only the content from the actual cell that we are actually interested in, on the next page, where we are sending the data ? (Could be cell number 2, or 3, or 4…or even 100)

“Search for Event:First item” or even last item sends just 1 item, true, but one may want to send data from a different cell.

Parallel to that, not selecting 1st or last item results in a list of all data being displayed, also not what we are looking for.


Is there a particular issue or problem you’re having?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but if you’re sending Event data directly to the page then there’s no need to send additional parameters about that event in the URL (you can access that through the page’s Event).

Also, I’m not sure why you’re doing a search for Events in your last image, especially without constrains (unless you specifically want to show the first event in your database).

If you want to refer to the Event you sent to the page you just need to refer to Current Page's Event as the datasource.

You’ve actually responded here :slight_smile:
Thank you Adam, it works fine now.

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