Display Data in a separate Page

Hello! I am trying to make a shortcut key here, but I need to use a display data workflow. For example, the Page B will need to use the parent group’s data from Page A. But, what I know so far is that display data works only for same page.

Is there a smart and practical way to do this?

This is not true.

Your Page B will need to have a content type set and it will need to be of the same type of data as the parent groups data from Page A.

So, when a user does something on Page A to likely press a button within the Parent Group in Page A, to use the workflow action go to page and data to send would be parent groups thing, and you’d be sending them to Page B.

In Page A, it should be “Go to Page B”. But the next action should be “send data”, not display?

Sorry, I get it. The Go to Page has send data.

I am now trying to figure, how go to page will trigger a "show popup " action. I am thinking of page load, but page’s thing since it has data coming from previous page.

What do you need to show a popup for?

Hey this post may help.

Thank you. Will look into this.

Right now, I was able to send date from Page A to Page B. Then I did a condition that if Page B’s current thing is not empty, popup will show.

I have a thing that is created in Page B (via popup), users can view it also in Page A. So I made a quick or shortcut button in Page A.
So the idea is when users click that button in Page A, data is sent to Page B and popup element is shown after.

  1. create go to page action and click 'send more parameters to the page
  2. set to the created thing’s unique id
  3. then you set the data source for your main container group of the popup and set it to get from page URL

I’m naturally curious why you do not just create the thing in Page A

Best approach for sending to another page and showing popup, but again, I do not see the reason you need to navigate to Page B, when you can simply create the thing in popup on Page A.