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Display data in repeating group in many and different integrations

Hello my fellow Bubblers. I’m having a logical problem and I don’t know how to get out of this hole I got into haha

Well, my software has integrations with some platforms, these integrations are chosen by my user. Let me give you an example: My software can integrate with various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce. When my client logs in for the first time, he can choose which platform to integrate, and I save his credentials in the database to make the API calls later.

So what is my real question. I just create a repeater group to repeat the same information regardless of platform, which would basically be products in the repeater group. But how can I show in the repeater group only the products referring to the platform that was selected at the time of integration?

I hope you didn’t get so confused, but if you did, you can ask questions as I need to solve this problem!

Hi! :wave:

You will have to catogorize the products iwith their platform. You can do it using you database…

Product 1 - Magento
Product 2 - Magento
Product 3 - OpenCart
Product 4 - WooCommerce
Product 5 - Shopfy
Product 6 - Magento

Doing this, when you need to show only the products from “Magento” you can perform a “Search for” in your database and bring only the products where the platform = Magento.

Did you save your user’s platform somewhere in your database?

Hi, thanks for the reply. So actually no, I haven’t done that yet but I figured I would. Let me explain the scenario. I imagined that, when the person chooses which ecommerce she will connect to, in addition to authenticating, I’ll also save her choice in a custom state, to later save it in the database. Each of my Ecommerce platforms, which I mentioned above, will have a table in the database, so I thought about creating a larger entity called Ecommerce and associating all the Ecommerce Platforms tables with this Ecommerce entity (I hope you didn’t get confused) , so that I can eventually filter in my repeater group only the one that the person has chosen, the problem is that I don’t know how to make part of my custom state, I mean, where would I save this choice, in the larger entity called Ecommerce or in each ecommerce platform depending on choice?

I will try to map the database for you.


These are all tables in the database, which contain their own fields.

And I created a bigger table called Ecommerce that has linked all these others together. The question I face is how to filter based on the choice that was saved in the custom state.

You need to save the choice of your user as one of his own information, in your user’s database, along with his name, email and etc. Create a new field (type text) called “Ecommerce” for store his choice.

Doing this, all your users will have, stored in their database, the information about what ecommerce they are using, so you can use this information to load the correct database with something like this:

If Current User’s Ecommerce is “Magento” → Load Magento database
If Current User’s Ecommerce is “Shopfy” → Load Shopfy database

But you NEED to have the information about what ecommerce your users are using…

Yes! I just thought about it! On saving that user’s choice in the database, the first thing I thought of was, save the user’s decision in the user’s database and use that to filter on the repeater group! I’m going to test it and I hope it works out!


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