Repeating Group Data type

I need help setting up data from repeating group. I have a repeating group where I show all vendors details and location. Then I added a button with the intention to open a popup where the selected vendor shows its product name & price. The problem is when I set up the repeating group in the popup for vendor’s products I’m getting everyone’s product list instead of the selected vendor.
How can I set the popup so, the selected vendor’s products appear in it?

Extra: I have 3 data types, Users, Vendors and products… I linked them via creator’s name.

Thank you for you support and let me know if you need additional info.


Hey @axel.schallies,

Can you provide screenshots to better help you?

Hi Johnny,
Thank you for taking the time to go over my questions. What I’m looking for is the functionality and flow of my data.
I created this repeating group where it shows the location, vendor, hr, type of products and a button that opens a popup where the Farm product will be listed in order to select items. At this time, I’m not able to show only the farm products selected however, I’m able to see all the products from all vendors.
Here is a screenshot

POPUP Screen

I share the link so you can review data.
Looking forward to seeing your reply soon.

Hi @axel.schallies,

Thanks for your reply.

The issue is the data in your popup, the type of data in your popup should be Farmstand instead of produce


So just to be clear, you want to display all the products inside of a Farmstand?

Yes, but just the products from the vendor (farm) selected such as Tierra Sophia or Tablehurst Farm, etc.

Ok, create a new data type that contains a list of products. Then whenever you create your products and want to add products make a change to the farm and add the product you create to it.

Then your data in your repeating group should be Parent Group’s farm’s products

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You said data type but do you mean data field a list of products instead! , right? If not, I’m not sure why do I need to create another data type in addition of Product data type… Can you elaborate?

So you need to display a list of products within a farm. So your repeating group’s type should be product and the source of that should be the farm’s list of products


Sorry for the delay… your recommendation worked. Thank you :slight_smile:

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