Display different text/group depending on search results

Hi Everyone

What’s the best way form to display different text/group depending on the return results?

I am building queuing system, and this is one feature for users to see how many people/table ahead of them. I managed to do the count.

But if the count is “Zero”, i want to show a different text like “Hey your table is next” instead of just count zero.

Appreciate any guidance on this, thanks!

Hi there!
You can override what the text is displayed using conditionals.
If the count is 0, then change text to “XX”, otherwise show results if the telelphone matches a DB entry.

Does this make sense?

Hello @alejandrowunderlich!
Thanks for replying

Do I do that under the tab “Conditions” Or within the “Appearance” itself? Cuz that’s where I do my count

This will be accomplished via conditionals.
Your text is only displaying results here, not affecting anything based on your count.

  • Create a new conditional
  • When Search count is 0 then Text is: "Hey your table is next”

Conditionals and states are the bread and butter of Bubble. Get used to them. Master them. Understand them fully. They’ll feel like super powers very soon!

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thanks! Will try it out~