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Input vs. Search Box difference with repeating groups

This seems simple but I’m missing something. I just want the results of my repeating group to change based on what is in the Search Box. This works fine when I use a regular Input box but I would like to use the Search Box’s auto-fill functionality. Could someone take a look at the error I have in this app and help me understand what I’m missing?

Can’t access your app

Ooops … looking into it … does this work?

you just need to add conditionals on your repeating group data source
i made the changes
see if thats what you need
if not please explained exactly what behaviour is it that you need


check it and let me know

I made a couple of changes and it does seem to work now. Thanks!

I actually took out the conditionals you set in the Repeating Group. I don’t think that was the problem I had. It works fine now without them.

The way you setup the workflow seemed to have fixed it. I don’t really understand why it works this way though. Maybe someone could enlighten me?

In the screenshot below you see that the constraint is “Title = SearchBox’s value’s Title”. Why do you have to put in that it’s the Searchbox’s “title”? I don’t get why the Searchbox has a title. It’s just text isn’t it?

:slight_smile: that’s is not a title
That’s a constrain that says to return values where the column named TITLE equals the TITLE’s value of the search box

That’s was what you where missing
If you remove it it won’t work