Changing the text when conditions are met

Hello Bubblers.

I ran into a little problem that I can’t seem to figure out.

I I have a repeating group of users. above the RP, I have a text that indicates how many users have decided to use my service.

when that repeating group is filtered by a search (data type=Profession), my goal is to have the text changed to say for example: ‘5 barber professionals are in your area’. if it’s a single user: ‘1 barber professional is in your area’.

I assume I have incorrect conditions setup. But also, when I added the condition, it changed the text from its initial text without being filtered by a search.

This screen shot is supposed to be a full list of users. (everyone using the service). I want the text to read: X amount of professionals have chosen to use JUST PRIMP.

These are the conditions I have set:

The other problem is that the filtered search will return the appropriate text after the first search. but if I do another search, it doesn’t return the name of the profession in the text.

Like so:


Another search for the same profession name or any other name:


here’s the link to my editor

Please let me know if my explanation isn’t clear.

I would appreciate the help.


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Thank you.

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