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Hi all, firstly, I’m very new to bubble so apologies, and I’ve seen several articles to see if I can work it out…sadly…not…

I’ve got a repeating group and within it I’ve created a group to put my item into - that’s all working fine, I’m now trying to create a popup window that then you select one of the items in the group, it opens up with additional information for that item and some buttons to make changes etc.

the scenario is similar to…

  1. the initial list is a list of groups you are a member of.
  2. when you select an item from the list a popup should appear
  3. this popup contains additional item details such as a QR code and a URL.
  4. there will be a button to exit the group.

thanks in advance - please be kind as I’m not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.


Hi there, @robbie.macintosh… if I understand your post correctly, try leaving the Data source of the popup blank, and in the workflow where you show the popup, use the Display data action to display the Parent group's Group. Oh, and as you might have noticed, naming something “Group” can get confusing when you are working with that thing in conjunction with groups because everything is labeled “group”… just food for thought there.

Hope this helps.


thanks, I’ll try that…

yes naming the group of groups is confusing now! it wasn’t on paper!

yup - that solved it, thanks so much… I’ve also renamed the group as it was confusing me now too

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