Display Dynamic image From search

Im trying to display the profile image of a user. And brain fart is blocking me. What is the proper expression to show the image in an html img src field?

Parent group's User's Photo_user (F)'s URL?

If it’s not “Parent group’s” then pick however you are referencing the specific user, (some other group’s User, Current User, etc)

I used html to code the page instead of using bubble editor. So there is no parent group.

I just want to reference and show the profile image.

Perhaps I can search by username Field (SHobbs) and then show the photo in the photo Field matching the same user as the username?

I could also just link to the url of the image but haven’t figured out how to find it. Everything I tried doesn’t work.

I could also add an option set too I guess. but im still confused on the proper expression to reference the user (Field) and then the photo matching that user

Yes you can search for the users, constrain it to the username you want, then after the search pick :first item's Photo_user (F)'s URL