Image click to show users profile

Hi. I’m stuck can anyone help me out. I have a repeating group that shows all logged in members and names on a separate page which is great.

I need to be able to have the public user click on the images showing and be taken to the profile of that member.

Everytime I seem to click on the image im taken to the current test profile im editing not the profile of the image I’ve clicked and its in edit view meaning its editable. When I’m logged out same trouble…

Can anyone help me with a workflow to achieve this please.
Can it be done?
Thanks so much

Im new to bubble but i think if you use the element action group send data and set the target to the profile element you have built and set type of that element to user you should have access to that data. i hope im explaining that right.

oh ok I see what you mean set the element action its not giving me the option in elements to the data I need to share only things on that page. any other ideas or a way to put the right element in the element choice lol…that was so close cheers

Thanks in advance

are you trying to access your user data? have you set permissions on user data?

you have a test url you can share?

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