Show dynamic image & text based on Search value

Bit of a newbie here, but here goes…

I have a Search box within a form where a user enters the productName they want to add, and the productImage (image) along with the scientificName (text) and productHsCode (text) of the product need to show dynamically based on the productName’s value. The productName, productImage, scientificName and productHsCode have all been entered in the database before hand, all the user has to do is enter the productName and everything shows.

Please can someone tell me how do I do this… been stuck on this for way more then I should be.



bubble question

All you have to do @zaynejaz is > trigger a new workflow when input X changes (X being your search box) > then display data to your group/fields.

Some caveats to think about, fallbacks - How does a user know that search_A IS in your DB already? what happens if a user enters a search query or misspells search_A and results are empty? Good UX suggests you need to tell the user that search_A is empty or incorrect.

Awesome. Thanks @nomorecode

You’re welcome.

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