Display each item of a list

I am quite new to bubble and struggle to do one thing
I have 2 data types Users and events
Users have name, pictures phone etc and events have title, date and invites (which is a list of users)
I want to display in one page infos about the event + small pictures and name of the 3 first guests.
So my question is: in he repeating group, what type of content should I put User or Event ? And then search for event or User ? (the RG is part of a group that has current page event as data source)
Then for the picture how do I look for the picture of each invited user: I tried “do a search for event each items invites first item’s photo” but it didnt work
Thanks a lot for your help

The repeating group I talk about is for the picture and name of guests

Hi Elliot,

First, set up the page to show events. That way, your repeating group can use the parent page as the data source.

To then show invited users, drag a group element onto the page, where you want to show the invited users.

Then set the data source for that group to USER’s. That should then let you access the users in your database and their names, pics etc.



Hi there, @eliottem… like Paul said, you can set the page’s Type of content to Event, and when you navigate to the page, you will send the relevant event. Then, add a repeating group to the page, set its Type of content to User, and set the Data source as Current page's Event's invites. Finally, add elements to the repeating group to show the user data you want to show, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Thank a lot for your answers Paul and Mike
I get the first step, now for my group that is inside my repeating group I don’t get what type content I should put. If I put user, current page event’invites shows an error as I need a single user and not a list.
I am a bit confused about what should I put in this group: maybe a “do a search” ?
And then for the picture ?
Thank a lot

Maybe I am missing something, but you shouldn’t need a group inside the repeating group. Nothing in my suggestion involves a group… only a repeating group with the appropriate elements inside it.

Thanks a lot I just deleted it.
And for the picture what do I look for? when I try current cell’s user photo it only displays the current user photo but not all invites’photo
Thanks a lot

If you aren’t seeing any photos other than the current user’s photo, that could be related to the default privacy rule on the User data type. If that rule is in place, you will have to remove it or modify it to show photos of other users.

Thanks a lot I would never have thought about that

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