Display Entries of repeating group based on distance between 2 adresses

Hi guys,

I am new to bubble and trying to build an app, that displays services providers near an address, that was entered from a user before.
The service providers will enter their address and a service area in km as a number. The user will enter their address and should get a repeating list, which displays the service providers, where the users address lays within the service providers service area.
My idea was just to calculate the distance between the both addresses and check, whether it is lower or equal the entered number of kms for the service area of the provider.
Essentially like in Tinder, where the user can set a distance, in which possible matches are displayed.
I tried but, i don’t know how exactly this is done.
Does someone can help me with this?

Hey there,

It looks like the solution to your question can be found on this forum thread: Show list of addresses within a radius of 5km to user's location on Map. Feel free to reach out to support@bubble.io if you have further questions.

Hi Carla,

many thanks, but sadly this doesn’t help me much.
I have 2 user roles, and want to display all users of a particular role as an output to the current, not logged in user, with the distance constraint. I can’t figure out a solution to this.

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