Return a list of items with any location in a range

Hi there, I am very new to bubble, so please forgive if this question is not clear.

I have a thing - A Route.
Each Route has a field ‘IncludedLocs’ - a list of geographic locations

I am trying to have a repeating group display any ‘Route’ , that has any item in it’s IncludedLocs, that is within 10 kms of a location from a user search box.

My problem boils down to, there are two lists - IncludedLocs, and the 10km radius search result, and I can’t find a way inside the Repeating Group’s data source (‘Search for Routes’) to compare two lists?

Is that possible?

I would post a link to the app, but it is super messy, and likely will confuse the issue I’m trying to address currently.

Really appreciate any help. Thank you!