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Display extra info about the selected item of a Repeating Group on the same page in another element (without using a pop-up)

I have a RG which displays a list of cars.
When I click on an item in the RG, extra info about the car has to be shown on the same page, but outside of the RG.

This sort of this is being done with pop-ups but I was wondering if it could be done on the page itself

Hi there, @anand.m777… one way to go about doing what you have described is to use a custom state and a group element. When an item in the repeating group is clicked, set a custom state (which has the same type as the data source of the repeating group) to the current cell’s item. Then, use a group element to display the item’s details, and set the data source of the group to the custom state’s value.

Anyway, that’s just one way to go, and I hope this helps.


Hello @anand.m777 welcome back to the community!

Yeap it can be done on the page itself. You just have to build the UI and visibility logic.

Here a video that although is not a tutorial it is super useful to understand tons of Bubble concepts. Perhaps it might spark some ideas on this and other possible aspects of your project

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