Showing one item's informations inside a repeating group

Hello everyone !

I have a repeating group that presents all the exercices the user can do, and I would like to open a box with more informations about the exercice when the user click on one exercice, such as the example on the photos.

Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do?

Thank you for your time!

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You could try the ‘selected state’ functionality from the list shifter plugin by @keith

Pretty sure that would help.

You can make a popup that displays info about that particular excercise (by sending the data to the popup). If you share with us what is your data structure, that would be helpful too.

Thanks gavin ! I add the plug-in to my app, but unfortunately, I can’t figured it out how to resolve my issue. Could you explain to me how you think I should use the selected state feature ?

Again, thank you for your help!

Thank you for your answer !

I’m currently using the popups to display my item’s informations, but the problem is that I can’t dynamically place the popup box as a function of the user click. Also, I would like my RP to adapt and show the rest of the list below the box.

Do you see a solution ?

The structure is a list of “Articles” that contains a title, an image, a description, a difficulty and a duration.

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but the problem is that I can’t dynamically place the popup box as a function of the user click

what do you mean? Do you mean that you can’t place the popup under or near the clicked Article’s cell? Can you explain more? (A popup is always placed in the center of the page and you can’t change its position.)

I would like my RP to adapt and show the rest of the list below the box.

Here you mean that when a user click “1”, “1” is not shown in the RG?

I created an example from what I understood. Check if this is what you are looking for.

I understood that you want to be able to click on an entry from a repeating group and for ‘something’ to happen.

Have you been through @keith’s demo videos? There is one about the selected state. Off the top of my head, he uses the functionality to swap items in a list but you could adjust this to do whatever you want, I would have thought.

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While you don’t need List Shifter to do this (as @gavin1 suggests), it does have a “Selected” state that can make this sort of thing easy.

But note that it’s not hard. The general thing you are trying to do, @delache.gautier, is demonstrated in the video here:

Viewing that should help!

Hello !

Thank you very much for helping me, unfortunately I think I wasn’t very clear on what I was trying to do. Let me explain it better.

The example you make is what I’m currently using in my application. I already succeeded to display information about one item of a RG in a pop-up or in an other group.

My problem is more about how to open the box with all the informations about my item at the position of my item in the RG.

For example:

My initial RG is :
item 1 item 2
item 3 item 4

If the user click on item 3, my RG would become:
item 1 item 2

| item 3 |

item 4

Do you see a solution ?

Hello keith!

Thank you for your video, but unfortunately as I said to grace.hallak, I think I misexplained my problem.

I’m not looking for a solution to pass data from a RP selected item to a pop-up or a group, it’s more a display issue. I would like to know is there’s a way, to “enlarge” the clicked item case to display a box with the information, and that the rest of the RG’s items adapt.

Do you see what I’m trying to do ? It’s kind of difficult for me to explain.

Hi! I have a similar issue: How can you pass data from a Repeating Group to a Popup?