How do I send data from repeating group to a section of the same page

I am trying to create a single page app with custom state. I need to send data from a repeating group to different part of same page that is visible using a custom state.

Would someone please let me know if that is possible.


Without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do it’s difficult to say, but you can send data from a specific cell of a repeating group to another group on the page by running a workflow to ‘Display’ the data from the particular cell, in the specified group.

Thanks for your help.
I am trying to display different content on a page using custom state. more like a page with few tabs. When I am searching for an item from database, the result will be listed under “Search” tab body, which is a repeating group. Then I like to click on the name of item and get more info under another tab body, named “Result”.

In that case what I outlined above is exactly what you need to do…

When the name of the item within a cell of your repeating group is clicked, run a workflow to set the required state to show the group containing the results (under the Result tab), and display the current cells data in that group.

Then you can access all of the Item’s data within that group on your page.

It works.
Much appreciated. :pray:

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