Display full page (width and height) and without a scroll bar

Ok Thank you!
How would I pick the positions of other things on the page in relation to the size of the group. So if the group is very large, then how would I make the stuff below it go farther down the page? How would I make things in the group, like text, be at the very top or bottom of the group no matter how small or big it is?

The best way to do this is to view the page in the “Responsive mode”. You will be able to see the different viewport sizes.

If you keep the html block on the top level of the page, the page will fill the entire browser window.

Thanks for the reply.
So then how would I keep certain text elements in the group in certain places relative to the full page?

Like, how would I keep a certain element x percent from the edge of the shape?

Why can’t I scroll my page when I use the html group and the following code? $(document).ready(function(){ $("#anchor").parents(“div.bubble-element.Group”).css(“height”,“50vh”); $(".main-page").css(“height”,“50vh”) });

It worked 98%
Only my Nav-Bar still floating above i-frame.

Hi @tmuelle1
I am facing a similar issue with Opentok, (Token Format invalid). Any chance you can share how you overcome this issue?


Sorry @Guillaume229 I was never able to figure it out.

No worries, I finally managed to implement it using the approach from @willtaylordesign here : WebRTC Video Chat Plugins - Need Help

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hey @AliFarahat!

This code in fact removes the scrollbar but it also disables the scrolling feature. Do you know a way to just hide the vertical scrollbar but still be able to scroll?
Thanks for the help!

@jmbarquet I use the following CSS to hide scrollbars in my app:

#sidebar::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none; /* Safari and Chrome */
#sidebar {
    scrollbar-width: none; /* Firefox */

‘sidebar’ is here the ID of one of my floating groups. You can replace ‘#sidebar’ with ‘body’ to apply this to the page itself.


this is worked great @sridharan.s I wish you good karma anywhere you go, thanks!

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Hi all,
I’ve an issue which migth be related to the topic so I’ll ask here. I’ve spent days on it but can’t figure out. Is there some limitation on default page height visible in Preview? This only seems to be happen on Index page. My INDEX page is set to a height of 2220. Nothing special. BUT when I preview the page , scroll-bar show up but I’m not able to scroll beyond a certain length, no matter what I do. Now here’s the strange part - if I just zoom-in or zoom-out with my mouse - even if tiny bit - I’m able to suddenly scroll down the entire length of the page.
To debug, I created 2 seperate pages, one is a clone of index page with everything removed except one dummy group. 2nd is a new page (not a clone of index) with exact same dummy group. The 2nd page looks normal in preview where I have the scroll bar and I an scroll down to see the entire length of the page. The cloned index page has the same limitation as the index page. Not sure what’s happening. Any help is highly appreciated.