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Responsive entire screen iframe

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to get an iframe to expand to the entire window width and height.
Aim: iframe to function as if it wasn’t an iframe! and you were navigating on the original site.

I’ve been able to make the Iframe width responsive. But the wrapper height isn’t.
Which means that while the window will adapt to the width of the page. The height will be cut.

HTML to iframe the URL

HTML to style the iframe

If anyone has any clue it would be awesome :pray:

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Hi there,

I know this topic is pretty old but just in case if it might be useful for someone, we’ve just released an iframe plugin for Bubble ( and it can be used fullscreen! :wink: )

:link: Demo | Editor
:link: Fullscreen iframe: Demo | Editor

Plugin page:

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Hi Sam,

I was looking at trying out your iframe fullpage plugin but while it does seem to be fully responsive on page width, page height doesn’t seem to grow.


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Hi @ahinojosagz ,

Nice catch! We’ve just released a new version with better fullscreen support!

Now you have new Fullscreen option in the plugin settings:

You can check our fullscreen demo posted above :wink:

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Hi Sam,

Just grabbed your plugin. Having an issue with my URL being an s3 file name rather than a typical URL. Is there a workaround?


Found a workaround. I prepend https: to the filename and it comes up fine.

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Hi @egemzer,
Sorry for the late reply (I’m so sick these days).

Happy to hear that you’ve found a workaround! :+1:

Hi @Vincent_London , have been able to resolve this issue? I am facing the same issue :frowning: