Display Image or PDF (Download) File From Button

I just want to post this for newer users who might be looking into how to accomplish this simple task. Let’s say you have a workflow that allows users to upload a file to your Bubble file manager.

And then you decide that you want to let your user download the file from your Bubble app. Spoiler: You don’t need to install a plugin. This is not new information, however on a quick search it doesn’t present itself quickly. In view of helping future “bubblers”…

All you need to do is add a workflow to your button for action Navigation → Open external website and setup as follows:

This would download certain files like zip files, but it would display images or pdfs in the browser which might not be what you want

@tylerboodman yes, thank you for the clarification. I have edited the title to hopefully make that a bit clearer.

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