Display a list of images from a multi-file uploaded

Hello I’m trying to create a multi image display with information that is uploaded from a multi image uploader. I cannot get it to display images no matter what I do.

I have an event set up to create a new object that is a list of images based on data I get from the multi file images. Then I try to display that data in a repeating group. It creates the objects properly but does not set them up in the display properly.

Am I setting up my repeating group wrong?

any luck here?

I think I tried this in the past and didn’t have much luck either…I was planning on revisiting the topic soon as it is really frustrating to expect a good user experience by uploading a single image file at a time

I feel that one way is the use of dynamic expression in the image element in the repeating group to be set to the value which is the link to the AWS file

I’m not sure though as I haven’t tried this yet

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Hey, everybody, did anybody figure that out?

set the repeating group data type as text or files


You saved my life. Thank you @Taiheta :slight_smile:

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what @Taiheta is a quick and dirty way to get the images to display…not very performant in that you have no control over the images as images ( ie. can’t use imgix processor on them )

Check out the tip I posted a few months back after I last posted in this thread.

Following the tip will allow you to save the file and later access it like an actual image so you could use imgix on it, if imgix is something you’d like to make use of.


Thank you very much. I appreciate :wink:

Theres nothing dirty about it but yeah its quick. They probably just want to style their own multifile preview. I find the advice you give is often wrong.

In your tip you are asking to manually click a button inside of the repeating group cell to create a new thing, that’s not very intuitive. A better approach would be to use Toolit foreach or list shifter plugins to iterate and create a whole list of things automatically.

Something you may want to accept about life is there are usually more than one way to do things.

In this particular instance, some people may find the quick and dirty method you advised as acceptable for their purposes, others may find actually having the files saved as images and used as images in their app more appropriate.

But please, any time you see me providing free support and you have an alternative way to do the same thing that a non-coder would be able to implement, share your ideas and thoughts. I learn a lot about bubble by seeing the other experienced bubblers responding to the same posts I do.

Also, as I am learning as I go, somethings that may be more complex for non-coders like myself, I had at certain points not already learned about as I hadn’t necessarily needed them. The use of toolit or list shifter ( ie. plugins ) is something that up until about a month ago, I have tried to stay away from and focus on just basic bubble functionality.

I noticed that in the Tip post which you had read obviously and clearly have differing ways of completing the same task, you never posted or replied to it. It again would be helpful not only to me, but other bubblers if you were to add your advice and suggestions especially when they are so far superior to the others. I think on that tip, there were two or three other bubblers who chimed in with alternative methods.

I think instead of posting here only in order to only attempt to degrade my attempts to help other people, your time would have been better spent replying to the TIP thread, showcasing your ultimate wisdom, and then linking in this thread to the post.

Also, just because you have a particular set of ideas on the functionality, point in case not using an unintuitive button in the repeating group to save the image, you may want to spend some time contemplating further scenarios that may play out as a user is using the app.

In my case, when a user is to upload a list of images at once, I expect that they may possible in an unlikely event however so improbable, have a need to either delete or remove an image, for whatever reason this may occur. In that regard, what would be your suggestion for allowing a user to delete or remove an image prior to saving them?

Also, please begin to fully digest information and think before you speak or in this case write a post.

Properly reading and understanding the words on the page would have allowed you to understand what it meant when I said “I have not yet created a ‘save all’ button”. Most people would process that statement to mean, that there could be a way in which using the button in the cell method would not be necessary and use something like you suggested.

Again, it would be highly appreciated if you could go back to that Tip post, quote me in the same spot I just did ( ie. “I have not yet created a ‘save all’ button” ) and do the helpful and decent thing and make your suggestion in a fashion that is digestible for non-coders, and perhaps put up an example editor as you have sporadically in the past, which I find helpful and I appreciate.

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What is wrong with you lol, your ego is going wild because i corrected you. This is just a preview of the files, we are not touching the database, you can do that afterwards…

My time is not a free as yours to write silly long posts.

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sorry, but I can admit when I am wrong and need to be corrected. I understand that the display is just a preview of the files,

I think that you may have confused my Tip with how to display but I was giving advice on how to upload and save to display at a later date.

Lastly, I don’t have an ego. I know that I know more than beginners and a lot less than others, especially those who have a background in computer programming. Like I said if you ever see me give wrong advice, correct it, because all though your time might not be free to write long posts, you still are taking the time to read posts. ( by the way I type 60 words per minute which has helped me type long essays and posts faster…if your typing skills are slowing you down in life you could take a course on it )

This was great feedback boston85719! Thank you for linking! It really helped me understand the scope of my builds as I am learning. Love following your posts on other threads as well!

Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you find the posts helpful.