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Display a list of images from a multi-file uploaded

Hello I’m trying to create a multi image display with information that is uploaded from a multi image uploader. I cannot get it to display images no matter what I do.

I have an event set up to create a new object that is a list of images based on data I get from the multi file images. Then I try to display that data in a repeating group. It creates the objects properly but does not set them up in the display properly.

Am I setting up my repeating group wrong?

any luck here?

I think I tried this in the past and didn’t have much luck either…I was planning on revisiting the topic soon as it is really frustrating to expect a good user experience by uploading a single image file at a time

I feel that one way is the use of dynamic expression in the image element in the repeating group to be set to the value which is the link to the AWS file

I’m not sure though as I haven’t tried this yet