Displaying current logged in user data

Hi everyone,

I need a small help and really appreciate it if someone could provide some guidance.

I have a database of users (data are from users’ sign-up). The database has fields such as First name, last name, email, phone number, etc. I am building a page to display the data for a current logged in user to see his/her profile.

Problem: I cannot get Bubble to show the data.

I have tried the following:

Use a Group element and put Text elements in the Group. This Group element has these
settings: Content Type = User; and Data Source = Current User. The Text elements are to
show the data on the UI. For example, I have a Text element to show First name. I set a workflow
like this: On page load --> Display data (Element: Group, Data: Current User). Then, I set the
Text element to show dynamic data: Parent thing’s Current User’s First name.

After logging in and navigate to the page, it doesn’t show any data.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what’s wrong with the workflow I set up.

Could you share the editor of your app in the view mode?

Hi shpak.serhiy,

Many thanks for your effort. Can I email you the link?

Hi @parinha.leap, did you fix your issue? I want to display the user name signed in and it’ll be fantastic to see if you have the answer.


Hi Bruno1,

Yes, I did find the solution. Here it is:

  • Create a Group element. Then, Content Type = User, and Data Source = Current User.
  • Then, you can place Text elements inside the Group. If you want to display User’s last name, for example, you can select the Insert Dynamic Data and choose Parent group’s User’s Last Name (If you have Last Name as a field in the User database).

This is the general way to display single data. As you notice, the Group is the parent group of the text element and it must be a direct parent (no other group within the parent group). So the mechanism is that the data gets sent to the parent group and the Text elements get data from the parent.

@parinha.leap thanks. You’re a legend :wink:

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You’re very much welcome! :grinning:

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