Display Latest data made by user on the other page

I want to display latest data which user inputed on the user’s page, on top page.

It’s the same like this forum: display this question I posted on the top of forum top page.

I didn’t think it such difficult but I’m confused how to make select the one latest data from all of the data user created. (or the second latest data, the third, …)

For now it displays all data which created by all user…

Assuming you are using a repeating group … set it’s search to sort on “created date” with “descend” set to “yes”.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Thanks for helping!

My problem is not about sorting (for now), but picking up data like this:

Use a repeating group of one row one colum
Set it to search your data. For now let’s call it thing (I will assume it has a field called name of type text) so the search would be “search things”
Inside the row place a container group and set it to “current cell’s thing”
Inside this container group place one text (and later add more texts or other elements as needed) and set this dynamic expression “parent group’s thing name” in the text element.
Let’s assume you have entries of things with names in the dB, if not just create a few. Hit preview and they should display as you designed it. If you have a thing with name called “cat” it will display on the first row, a second thing with name “dog” will display on the second row, and so on.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

I found out with using bubble, I’m really bad at setting with database… :disappointed_relieved:

I tried setting the [input data type] on the data source of RG, and then “Parent group thing”, “Search for [input data type]”, “Search for [input data type] :item# something”, “Search for [input data type] :filtered something (I don’t know but click and click)” to the Fruit dynamic text area on the user card, but it shows like the image above or nothing.

Probably it seems to need specify Fruit or Animal data from the latest thing user added (inputed on the user page). What and where should I do for it?

You hit the nail on the head. Setting up the dB structure is 80% of an app.

You describe multiple functionality concepts that indicate that you are doing lots of research :grinning:

Create a new test app from zero
Setup a basic dB structure to follow some of my previous suggestions

See where this takes you :+1:t2:

Ohh it’s so hard…

Actually I tried your suggestion at the beginning but it didn’t work (displayed nothing) so I tried many ways.

The following YT videos could help:

Also, getting help as well:

Or, joining a Bubble workshop: